Stamp Issues of the United Nations and the

UN Specialized Agencies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What items are included in the database?
    The database includes stamp issues of the three UN Postal Administration Offices: New York, Geneva and Vienna, as well as the Brussels World's Fair (Belgium), UNESCO service stamps (France), Indian UN Military Forces (India), Kosovo, International Court of Justice (Netherlands), UN European Offices (Switzerland), East Timor, and the UN Temporary Executive Authority (West Irian).

  • Are these issues being offered for sale?
    No. This is a free service to collectors from the UNPI.

  • How does the subject search work?
    The subject search is an approximate search on the description field only, independent of case. E.g., a search for 'con' returns records containing 'Economic' as well as 'Conference'. Whereas a search of 'conf' returns just records containing 'Conference'.

    Terms separated by a space are treated like an AND expression independent of order in the description. E.g., 'conf env' returns environmental conferences.

    A '-' before an expression acts like a NOT operator. E.g., 'conf -env' returns all conferences except environmental conferences.

    An expression in double quotes searches for the entire expression. E.g., "Population Conference" returns the International Population Conference of 1984 but not the International Conference on Population and Development of 1994.

    There's no 'OR' expression implemented at this time.

    New: you can now search for Scott or Michel catalog numbers by entering the catalog number in the search field.

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